4C's fitness

The Learning Tree Preschool has proudly partnered with the Child Care Council’s health and nutrition program. The Learning Tree is one of only five preschools chosen to participate in this wonderful resource provided to the Bay Area. The idea of the program is to offer children a head start in the right direction for healthy lifestyles with lessons in good eating habits and exercise. Understanding the best practices for nutrition and physical activities in a child care environment is an important stepping stone to a lifelong understanding of healthy choices. Through the Child Care Council, our preschool has had the opportunity to learn about healthy behaviors including portion sizes and the basic food groups. We have been provided tools to help encourage children to try new fruits and vegetables including child sized serving utensils and an alphabet food game. The idea that our preschoolers will be able to serve their own snack is beneficial in helping children develop self-help skills, it encourages them to try new foods, and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

It is important to our school to give the children in our care the best of everything. A healthy body and mind are some of the keys to excelling to their full potential. We don’t only value education and care, we value the children as individuals that should be supported in all areas of development. Thanks to the Child Care Council, we have yet another wonderful resource to help spread the word of healthy habits that can benefit our children for a lifetime.