Our school Christmas pageant and party was a HUGE success! The children performed their hearts out – or at least shook their jingle bells like nobody’s business! They had all been working so hard in their class with their teachers and in music class with Ms. Tree. We are so proud of our Sprouts and our Maples for having the courage to stand in front of so many families and dance with all their might. We are delighted with the Mulberries for their effort in performing with their teachers and we are impressed with the amount of enthusiasm the Pre-K classrooms had during their performance of five different songs!

Thank you to our wonderful staff, including the talented Ms. Tree, for helping to coordinate such a beautiful Christmas performance. All of our families were thrilled with the wonderful presentation of songs and activities and the children were delighted with their accomplishment. It was a great way to start the holiday break.

The visit from Santa was also definitely something to remember. Santa Charlie from All Star Showgrams was hands down the best Santa ever! Not only did he play his part very well, he was wonderful with the children – answering all of their questions the way Santa should. He even had the parents involved in singing Christmas carols. The 16 years of experience that Santa Charlie had definitely came through in the warmth and care he showed the children during his time visiting the school. He never broke character, even when there were no children around. We were all so pleased with his visit that we will be sure to book him again next year! Thank you all for showing your support and spending the evening with us. We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday with your loved ones!