Daily Enrichment Activities

The Learning Tree provides experiences that build upon individual strengths and abilities. Our team of early childhood professionals will guide your child through intellectually challenging experiences in the fun and creative ways children enjoy.

  • Foreign Language: Your child will be introduced to simple words or phrases from different languages in their everyday learning experiences.
  • Gardening: Our school garden blossoms with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs planted and cared for by the children. All products of our school garden will be enjoyed by the children for tasting experiments and/or school snacks.
  • Art: Creative expression as well as themed activities are a daily part of your child’s learning experience and enjoyment at The Learning Tree.
  • Language and Literacy: Our unique phonics program allows children to learn phonemic awareness through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic ways of learning. Our special flashcards, music, and body movements help to reinforce letter sounds and beginning reading skills.
  • Cultural and Social Studies: Culture is an important part of our schools learning experiences. An appreciation for everyone’s unique backgrounds and family life is fostered through everyday experiences.
  • Life Skills: Random acts of kindness and social skills are promoted through teacher directed guidance and self-awareness. Each child is celebrated for their uniqueness while learning to work well with others.
  • Problem Solving and Self-Help Skills: It is important to foster your child’s independence and their ability to make good choices. Our open-ended questions, positive reinforcement, and providing children with the vocabulary necessary to solve problems are important life tools.
  • Sensory Learning: What better way to learn than through hands-on experiences! Please dress your child in preschool appropriate clothes that you do not mind getting dirty with all the fun sensory activities planned and unplanned.
  • Math and Science: Simple math and science activities are made fun for life-long explorers. We introduce addition, subtraction, fractions, skip counting, the concept of time, the concept of money, and more based on the children’s interests and skill level.
  • Online Learning: Our new online learning program for Pre-Kindergarten children helps to prepare your child for Kindergarten through game-like activities. They will never know that this special treat on the computer is actually stimulating reading and math skills!