The Sequoia and Redwood Classes

Pre-Kindergarteners are nearly ready for school. They can grasp simple math concepts, verbally spell and print their first and last names, and participate in show and tell. They’re eager to recall events from a story and describe details in a photo. We prepare children with lessons on writing and phonics, hands on science experiments, math concepts and valuable social skills. It’s not all work and no play. We ensure there’s plenty of time for independent play, dance and music, as well as small and large group activities. Children also have free play opportunities to socialize and exercise their energetic bodies.

Let us guide your young learner through the final stretch toward Kindergarten. View your Pre-Kindergartner on our closed circuit camera system anytime during the day to catch them in the act of learning. We will also be sure to share memorable moments with you and celebrate your child’s new discoveries.

The Learning Tree plans hands-on experiences to nurture your child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. We help children explore their artistic interests by creating skits, drawing, coloring and use of stencils, painting, collaging and working with clay. We provide small-group lessons in math, literacy and writing every day. We teach sorting for early arithmetic and letter recognition tasks, storytelling and perfecting writing skills. We organize large-group activities to develop sharing, cooperation and problem-solving skills.

The Learning Tree shows you evidence that your Pre-Kindergartener is developing because of the activities we offer. We provide families with pre-assessments, mid-year, and end-year progress reports with evidence of work completed to show you your child’s progress throughout our program. We are happy to work with you as our partners in preparing your child for Kindergarten and beyond.

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